The Importance of an Inspection Before Buying a Home

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Buying a home today is often a frantic process. Homes are selling fast, with many going under contract within just a few days, or even hours, of being listed. When the market is this busy, it’s easy to skip as much as possible to be more attractive to the seller and have a better chance of getting the home. However, one thing that should never be skipped is the home inspection. Without this, buyers may be able to view the home themselves, but may not know if they’re buying a home that’s just going to have problem after problem after they move in. 

Know About the Big Things

Home inspections allow buyers to find out about the big issues in a home. These are the ones that might be a dealbreaker because they’re going to cost a lot to fix. Homebuyers who use an inspection from a company like have the opportunity to find out about the big things before they’re too far into the process of buying the home or before they’ve already made the purchase. Big things to look out for include foundation issues, roofing issues, an HVAC system or water heater that is not in good shape, electrical problems, or signs of major plumbing problems.

Find Out About the Little Things

The little things might be easily fixed, but they’re something to look for in a home inspection. Little things may not need to be repaired at all or can wait until the buyer has purchased the home and is settled in before they’re fixed. Some of the little things to look for in a home inspection report include damaged but functional outlets, issues with appliances in the home, minor damage to walls or flooring, or anything else that might not be a big deal, but is still something to know about and plan to fix. 

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Create a Plan for Negotiations

If any big things are found, it’s a good idea to negotiate. Negotiations can mean asking the seller to lower the price to cover what will need to be repaired or asking the sellers to have the issue fixed before the sale is finalized. Homebuyers can choose which option they prefer, but most experts advise negotiating on the price. If the sellers are willing to reduce the price or pay for the repair, the buyer can pick a professional they trust to do the repair for them. 

Start Thinking About After Moving In

Many of the small issues noticed during an inspection can be fixed after the home is sold, and the buyer likely won’t need to or want to negotiate for these repairs in the cost of the home. They’re typically inexpensive and easy to fix. However, the buyer can use the inspection as a way to learn more about the issues that are present so they can then start planning the first few home improvement projects for their new home. 

Are you buying a home? Do not overlook the importance of a home inspection. Talk to an inspection company today to learn more about what is included or to schedule a time to have an inspection done for the home you want to buy. 

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