Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Walk-In Shower Enclosures for Small Bathrooms

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Are you facing difficulties in installing walk-in shower enclosures in your small-sized bathroom?

Well, this problem is faced by many homeowners.

Often the size of the bath area imposes several limitations on the type of shower enclosures that may fit in. It is also not a great idea to drop the thought of having an enclosure as it may always leave your tiles wet.

This is where walk-in shower enclosures are quite useful. They can fit into bathrooms of any shape and size. Walk-in shower enclosures can take care of both the appearance as well as the safety aspect in your bathing space.

Now the question is, how do you install them in your small-sized bathroom? 

Today, we will walk you through the ways in which you can accommodate these enclosures at your bathroom to give in an efficient way.

Let Go Of the Bathtub

While it’s fancy to have bathtubs in the bathroom, many of us don’t quite use it. If you think that your busy schedule does not spare you the time to relax with a long soak, it’s better to let go of the bathtub. Once you have done it, you’ll find that there is a lot of spare space in your bathroom that you can use for the makeover. As walk-in shower enclosures do not require much space, you can comfortably accommodate it in the empty spaces. You might even get surprised to find some spare space in your bathroom after its installation.

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Utilize Corners

Installing a walk-in shower enclosure at the corner is the most optimum utilization of space one can make. These enclosures can fit even into the most cramped spaces with ease. You’ll have enough space to walk around and carry out other grooming tasks conveniently. Corner showers use a glass enclosure and a neo-angeled base where you can also add a bench for utilizing up the limited space that you have.

Raise the Walls

You can make the best use of walk-in enclosures by raising your shower’s glass walls to the ceilings. It will create an illusion of a bigger bathroom and, at the same time, will allow the natural light to shine throughout your bath area. Showers with a raised glass are quite classy, elegant and give you a spa-styled look. You can often find such installations in designer homes and five- stars hotels. So, if the idea of such a designer and functional bath area excites you, it is surely the option that you would want to try!

Make Your Shower Blend In

The bathroom can sometimes appear far more cramped than it actually is. It usually happens when the shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom. One technique you can use to make the bathroom look spacious is by blending the design of a walk-in shower enclosure with the pattern of tiles in your bath area. When you use simple glass doors, you will find that people won’t even notice a shower at first glance. All they will see is a fresh and open space!

Get Creative

You can always get a bit creative and brainstorm on how to utilize walk-in shower enclosures in the best possible manner. Using techniques such as tucking up the bathtub between the windowed wall along with a compact walk-in shower enclosure can prove to be quite helpful. This way, the washroom looks a bit spacious and gives you a full outside bathing experience.

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As you might have seen, there are many ways to make the best use of your compact bath area. You can always get an elegant makeover by making the use of a walk-in glass shower enclosure. They are available in unique designs, and you will always find the one that fits your requirements.

We hope that the above ideas help you in making an efficient space for your bathroom functionalities.

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  1. I loved your example of raising shower glass walls to make the bathroom feel more spacious than it is. We recently planned to do a lot of house extensions to accommodate our relatives who will be living in with us for the year and we wanted to make sure that the bathroom doesn’t feel too cramped for them, so having something like a tall glass shower wall might be just what we needed. I’ll be sure to note this and more when talking to glass remodeling companies that can help us out.

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