Stay Calm During Crisis

8 Ways To Stay Calm During a Work Crisis


If you stay in the workforce long enough, you’ll experience a work crisis. It might be a layoff, a transfer, or an interpersonal issue. These are a few of the many possibilities. Whatever the event may be, it’s probably stressful and disorienting. It can be a challenge to get your bearings. Fortunately, there are things within your control that you can leverage to help your situation. Let’s see ways to stay calm during a work crisis.5 

  1. Get Support

This is not the time to be reticent. Call on people you trust for support. Empathetic friends and family can be a big help at this time. If they’re not available, get in touch with a counselor, whether it’s a career or mental health professional, or a coach. Natural products provide gentle, holistic support. Not sure where to look? Try a search using terms such as CBD oil to find a product that works for you. 

  1. Get Perspective

Beyond support for your immediate situation, be sure to develop general support systems that help you maintain a wide-angle view of your circumstances. When there’s a work crisis going on, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and lose sight of the big picture. Stay active in community or spiritual organizations that provide positive distraction and a reminder that work isn’t the entirety of your life. 

  1. Know Your Allies

Both within and outside your workplace, identify your allies. Stay connected with them so you can encourage each other and provide positive references if needed. In a professional manner, seek out information to help you navigate the crisis wisely. Avoid reactivity, gossip, and innuendo. When things are touchy at work, it might be tempting to make assumptions about others’ intentions. Instead, stay self-contained and above reproach. 

  1. Know Yourself
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A work crisis can bring valuable opportunities for self-knowledge. There’s no better time to do compassionate self-evaluation. Take a look at how you respond to crises, and identify patterns that might be causing you additional stress. During this time, journaling can be a useful way to deal with emotions and allow you to brainstorm constructive alternatives. 

  1. Know Your Options

Depending on the circumstances, there will be a variety of options you may wish to look at. Make a list of what these options are; it might be difficult to collect your thoughts, so get help if you need it. Refer back to the list frequently, and take action steps toward appropriate options to strengthen your position. 

  1. Get Moving

A work crisis often sets the “fight-or-flight” (or freeze!) response in motion. Don’t let that energy stay inside you; set aside time for healthy movement and exercise. If you already have a fitness routine, maintain it. If you’ve been sitting on the couch, get up and move — even if it’s just taking walks around your neighborhood. It’ll help move energy and emotion through your body and decrease rumination. 

  1. Get Nourished

Sometimes crises can lead to eating a lot of junk food which can even turn into a junk food addiction. Resist! Yes, you might grab a bag of chips or two. Generally, though, focus on eating a simple, nutritious diet that’s made up of whole foods with plenty of protein and vegetables. Be sure to hydrate, too. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces, and during stressful times, take in a little extra. 

  1. Get Some Rest
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It’s always important to prioritize sufficient sleep and rest, but during a work crisis, it’s doubly important. You need all of your mental, physical, and emotional resources. Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to reset, repair, and revitalize your body and mind. You’ll be able to deal with all aspects of your life more effectively. Carve out time to wind down before going to bed. Make your sleeping space cool, dark, and comfortable. 

Staying calm during a work crisis requires holistic attention to your mindset, resources, support, and self-care. Try these tips to feel more centered and optimistic. 

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