Mod for Episode Choose Story

Is there a Mod for Episode – Choose Your Story?


Most of the recent games belong to the fighting or action genre. There are very few options that give the users a chance to design characters as per their choice and build their own story. Episode Choose Your Story is one such game that can be played by all age groups and you get to create your own story and character.

The game allows the players to set up their avatars and create a story of their own. The players can indulge themselves in a separate world while playing the game. You can own the game as you will be writing your own authentic or simple gameplay. The game allows you to become the creator of the game.

Everyone develops a connection with other people in the real world. You are supposed to do similar activities in the game. You can develop relations with the virtual characters of the game and explore different places along with them. As you win the game, you obtain an exclusive chance to go on a tour with the superstars of the story.

About the Game

If you miss creating your avatar and an imaginative story, you should try the game of Episode Choose your Story. With the game, you can roam around freely and flaunt your unique skills with pride. In the game, you get to customize your avatar and design your outfit as per your preference. You get to change destiny with your own decisions and uncover different endings. There are new rivals at different stages and you are required to handle them wisely.

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The game consists of some liars too. The liars are barriers of the game with whom you have to deal strategically and keep moving ahead. The game lets you know the results of your decisions so that you can realize your mistakes that you make in real-life situations as well. There are game has infinite choices so that you can keep yourself immersed in hundreds of distinctive worlds. The simulation game gives a much real feeling than you have ever experienced. It is so engaging that you will forget whether you are playing or just being in the real world.

Episode Choose Your Story Mod APK Features

Some of the significant features of the game are mentioned below. They would help you get an overview of the game.

·         Unlimited gems and passes

Gems are the premium resources of the game. You can use them to unlock premium features and customize your character. Episode Mod Apk allows you unlimited passes and gems in your game account. Passes are an important currency used in the game. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

·         The compelling story

Episode belongs to the simulation genre. It is a game that directs the player to a real-life story. Players get to experience a typical story that every human encounters in a day. The game is all about the decisions that you take in your life and the different results you get. The game leads to different endings and that is quite interesting.

·         Graphics

All the characters of the game are splendid and have beautiful looks. The artists and designers have done an extraordinary job by employing the cinematic effects in the game. The graphics of the game have impressed the players a lot and helped to gather a memorable experience while playing the game.

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·         Interactivity

The game of Episode has intended to focus on a realistic story. The characters of the game are ordinary people without any special ability or superior strength. The game is unique because it depicts the portrait of a life with love. Players witness a regular story in the game and the choices lead to different outcomes.

Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk runs smoothly on any android device. The game has never failed to impress the players with its radiant features and gameplay. The game application runs without any lags and gives the complete feeling of the gaming environment.

The game offers some extra features that you can buy with money. However, the default features are quite marvelous. The game is quite appealing and it does not let you waste your time on it. It is an interesting story game that has managed to get more than 50 million downloads only on the Google Play store itself. The game enables you to live your tales of drama, journey, love, and romance.

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