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Considering buying a house or renting an apartment or condominium of your own? You might be asking questions like… 

“Can I afford the mortgage?” 

“Can I afford the rent?” 

“How much do I need to earn to afford it?”

“Will I be safe there alone?”

“What kind of space do I need?”

The idea of living alone is a little bit intimidating, but if ever you get a chance to experience it then go for it. Embrace it with both arms!  Living alone is the best way to stand on your own. It’s an awesome learning opportunity.

Here are the few things to consider for making it work for you.

Look for the right location.

            First of all, you need to work out what is the best location for you. Living in a city means you are close to every establishment, you are close to your workplace, and almost everything is just a few steps away.  However, there are higher risks of crime, noise, and pollution.  Either way, it is good to have clarity on your preferences to make finding an apartment, condominium or a house much easier.

  • Think carefully about your safety

If you are living alone and you are a woman, you should be mindful of your safety.  You could choose an apartment or buy a townhouse that offers 24/7 security. 

Examine safety measures, windows are high off the ground, solid doors with a well-built lock, an entrance that has lights, and has an alarm system. Before making a decision, run some background checks on the area. Visit random hours during the day and during the night. Ask the neighborhood about how safe they feel living there. Ask the gardener or the janitors.  Investigate local police precincts for crimes in the area.

  • Look for a house, apartment or condo that is not too big for you.

Before you get excited and emotionally attached to that big beautiful apartment, check your monthly budget. Can you afford it? If not, how much can you afford?

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 It should not be more than 25% of your monthly salary. Living alone can be difficult, you have to pay for all the expenses, your food, bills, your rent, and other stuff by yourself. But, if you are happy that you’re paying for everything without asking your parents or someone, then, go for it.

Just make sure you have savings in your bank account to back you up in case you lose a job and for emergencies.

  • Check the quality of the place

Before you rent a condominium, apartment, or a house, arrange to see the place in person, never trust the pictures posted online, you need to check also if there are problems like bugs, rats, leaky faucets, water supply, water leakage, mold, rusts, and electrical problems.

The quality of the place also includes the quality of neighbors. Are they noisy? Are they ill-mannered? Remember, you will be encountering them as you go in and out of your place.

  • The landlord

Give importance to knowing your landlord. If you have a bad landlord with bad behaviors, it will lead to nightmares. To prevent this, make time to chat with her or him on the phone. Better yet, talk to the landlord in person. From there you will have an idea as to what kind of person she or he may be.

  • Prepare for a Front money

Usually, when you move in, you will provide your landlord with a one-month security deposit, one-month advance rent and one-month deposit rent.  Keep in mind that if you damage anything in your home during that period the landlord may retain some of your deposit as payments for the damages. Your security deposit must be returned to you once you move out.

  • Learn the policies of the place

Condominiums and apartments have different policies. Some have curfews. If you enjoy spending night outs, this is one thing to consider before settling in. Some don’t allow pets. Some don’t even allow you to use gas stoves inside. Assess which place is most practical to you.

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Living alone in a place to call your own can be a great way to learn about yourself. It will build your confidence. It will give you the chance to discover your full potential. You will learn new things.

Some of the things that excite people are being the person they want to be, or not needing to adjust to anyone. You can work in peace and quiet. You can decorate your room however you want. No need to change your pace for when to wash the dishes and clean your room. You’re free.  Just a reminder, be prepared in cases of emergencies. Because you live on your own, your own well-being relies on your hands.

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