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A Complete Guide to Multilingual Marketing in the New Normal


A single website translation can serve to improve SEO, put your products and services out in front of tens of millions of viewers, and put you ahead of the competition online, all in one fell swoop. Using a translation company to develop and deliver a multilingual marketing campaign helps you not only to reach new internet populations and give them something new but also allows you to develop a direct and personal relationship with your audience. Using professional translation in this way increases your chances of online marketing success even more. In this article, we will walk you through getting started building a successful multilingual marketing campaign and how to ensure you focus on translation quality while you do. 

How To Enable International Marketing Strategies Using Professional Translation 

If you’re planning to undertake marketing in more than one country, you’ll need a robust marketing campaign to guide your activities and keep you focused. When tackling new markets, it’s so important to get things right the first time when it comes to international marketing strategies. That’s why using a translation company to help you manage your marketing efforts in multiple languages and cultures is essential. Ofer Tirosh, CEO of language service provider Tomedes, recommends bringing your professional translation service into your marketing campaign while you’re developing it:

“A translation company will have experience of working in a wide range of countries, so can bring a wealth of information to the table. Different cultures approach and respond to marketing activities in different ways, so building an understanding of that into your campaign from the outset can be hugely valuable.”

In terms of the campaign activities, you’ll most likely want to include a mix of various types of marketing, both for your own language and for those where you’ll be using professional translation. Before anything, you’ll obviously need to undertake market research to establish the level of appetite for your products or services. Your translation company can help with this, focusing on translation quality to ensure that those you connect with engaging appropriate with your research and that you gain all you can from undertaking it. 

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Translating Marketing Activities into Success

With your market research complete, it’s time to define which activities your In this article, we will walk you through getting started building a successful multilingual marketing campaign and how to ensure you focus on translation quality while you do. work should encompass. From behind your keyboard, you can reach out to the world through social media, use online translation services to create a multilingual website, set up marketing arrangements with affiliates and distributors who will sell your products for a commission, take out adverts online in printed publications and much, much more. All with an emphasis on translation quality, of course. 

You can also market your wares through content marketing. This is a huge area of work that encompasses blogging, writing guest posts for other people’s sites, link building, and more. When you’re targeting markets that speak other languages, multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) considerations come into play. Over 63% of companies actively invest time in search engine optimization, so if you want to compete online successfully, you’ll need to do so too. A decent translation company will be able to assist you with optimizing your content for use in different countries.

Markets can be fickle, particularly in the midst of a pandemic, so being responsive to changing conditions is a big part of succeeding at multilingual marketing. Monitor the impact of each of the activities you undertake and tweak your future strategy based on the results. You’ll most likely find that different activities have differing success rates in different countries, so don’t try a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but instead localize your strategy to suit each region. Your translation company can provide insights to help with this too. 

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Define Your Translation Needs 

The professional translation part of your multilingual marketing strategy will need to map out which languages you require. Did you know that with just the three most-used languages of the internet (English, Chinese, and Spanish), you can reach over 50% of all internet users? Food for thought when it comes to planning your multilingual marketing approach. 

It will also need to consider how you plan to ensure translation quality. What makes a good translation? In the marketing world, a good translation is one that delivers your messaging in a way that resonates with and engages the target audience. Using native speakers of the target language who have marketing expertise will stand you in good stead for this. It’s also worth listening to the advice of your translation company when it comes to the need to go beyond marketing and use localization or transcreation, both of which can help your message to be more impactful. 

How to Find the Right Translation Company 

When looking for translation services UK businesses have plenty of choices. You can opt for document translation services in your local area or halfway around the world. As long as the translation company communicates/operates in your time zone, it doesn’t matter where their headquarters is or where those providing the professional translation are based. 

What is the best online translation service? For multilingual marketing purposes, it’s one that has extensive marketing experience in the regions that you are planning to target. Look for country-specific expertise, rather than just language-specific, so that you can benefit from the translation company’s cultural knowledge too. 

With all of these elements in place, you should be well-positioned to enjoy multilingual marketing success. 

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