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Precautions to Take for a Safe Hawaii Car Transport


Hawaii is the only island state in the U.S. located in the Pacific Ocean and encompasses 137 islands. Every year about 17% of the U.S. population prefers moving to this island state. But, shipping the cars to Hawaii can be daunting. To simplify your relocation or a short-term stay, you must hire a Hawaii car transport service.

Whether you own a new car or a vintage model, it needs to be handled with care while transporting. The following are some precautionary tips that need to be taken for the safe shipping of your car to Hawaii.

Look for a Reliable Transport Company

Every year more than 90,000 vehicles are shipped to Hawaii through waterways, either port-to-port or door-to-port services. So, it’s anyway better to have a trusted company taking care of your shipping process. Search online, check reviews of different car shipping services and go for the one who has more positive feedback from the customers.

Also, ensure that the transport service is certified with BBB, is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask for quotes from different sources and go for the one that offers the best affordable quote.

Check the Condition of your Car Beforehand

Speeding is a significant cause of road accidents in Hawaii. There are over 100,000 cars registered in Hawaii, and sadly, over 10,000 vehicle accidents take place every year. So, before you ready your car for a shipping process, take a few pictures of your car, check the engines, and see all the parts are in proper condition.

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If you have proof of your car condition at the time of shipping, you can claim compensation in case of any damage caused to your car during transportation.

Read the Insurance Policy

Ensure that the Hawaii car transport service has insurance before you decide to ship your car with them. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, accidents in waterways are rare in Hawaii, but if it occurs, the damage caused is huge. To be on a safer side, you must have your car insured before the transport.

Many transport services offer insurance, but the vehicle is partly covered. What if your car is permanently damaged during transit? You may not receive the full compensation benefit. So, before you hire the transport service, read the insurance offers and then finalize one.

Choose the Best Carrier Type

The shipping costs to Hawaii ranges between $1,500 and $2,100, depending on the carrier you choose. If you wish to get your car transported in a proper condition without any dents, then a closed container transport is the best option. Many people prefer to ship their vintage cars, sports cars, or specialty cars in containers.

Open transport is cheap but may cause damage to your car during the transit. But 75% of people prefer accessible transportation due to financial issues. So, you choose what suits you the best, open transport, or container shipping.

Keep the Documents Ready and Prep-up your Car

The documentation is necessary for the transportation process. You must submit the car registration documents, I.D. proof, the lien holder authorization letter, and a notarized letter to move the car if there are multiple owners.

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Other than these preparations, you may also have to empty the ¾th fuel tank before transportation. Don’t leave personal belongings in the car and disconnect the alarm system from the battery.


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