Dentists Should Consider PPC Advertising

Why More Dentists Should Consider PPC Advertising


Most dentists are sole proprietors, often wearing many hats. If you’re a dentist with a small, local practice, you’re likely the manager, marketer, advertiser, accountant, and customer service representative all at the same time. This is why dentists look for better and more efficient strategies to boost marketing tactics.

One of the most efficient marketing strategies for health professionals is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a strategy wherein you pay for your ads only when a customer or a visitor clicks on them. You spend less on advertising and marketing than paying hundreds of dollars to post an ad on social media and search engines.

PPC is versatile and easy to use. It can also help you acquire new patients who can boost revenue. Dentists should consider PPC as one of their marketing tactics. 

Reasons Dentists Must Rely on PPC

Digital Authority Partners said that PPC works well with businesses related to the dental industry. The following reasons support this claim. 

Customers Prefer Google to Look for Local Dentists

Google has become a household name, with many relying on it for relevant and updated information. 

Dental patients use Google to search for local dentists. These patients also google information about dental procedures, dental conditions, and dental care. Dentists should never overlook Google’s excellent benefits, allowing dental experts to target local clients easily.

Your dental PPC ads can be placed on the top page of Google Search results. When someone uses keywords related to your business, Google gives a page full of related results with your ad found at the topmost part of it. Potential clients can click on your ad, instantly leading them to your landing page. 

PPC Helps Dental Offices Rank Higher on Google Search

Through PPC ads, your clients can easily find you, especially if they are at the top of the first page of Google Search. This format is advantageous for small businesses because they can steal the spotlight from big-name companies in the industry. 

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For dentists, this is their chance to rank higher and be seen by clients looking for local clinics.

PPC Helps Dentists Reach the First Page on Mobile Devices

Have you ever noticed how Google Search is different on mobile devices from that on desktops? When you search anything like “local dentists” or “a dentist near me” on Google using your computer or laptop, you get first-page results and the option to navigate to the following pages.

When you search using your mobile device through the Google app, you get only the first page. You hardly notice the subsequent pages because you have only an option to load more results.

So what do these mean for dental marketers? More and more people are relying on their mobile devices to look for businesses on the go. Mobile users rely on the Google Search app to find professional services such as dental services because search results connect with the Google Maps app for directions.

With PPC marketing, your ad will always be at the top of the results page whether your clients are searching through their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. As long as your clients use your keywords, your business is ready to welcome them from Google Search results pages.

PPC Marketing Is Practical and Cost-efficient

As we mentioned before, PPC is an affordable marketing solution that works best for first-time dental practitioners. Dentists who are still new to the practice and testing the waters as sole practitioners might not afford big-budget marketing strategies. Traditional ads cost a fortune—money that small business owners can use for other vital projects.

PPC allows marketers to control their ad spending. They can decide the cost per click of their ads and set a specific daily or weekly budget for their PPC ads. There is no need to spend so much on ads because you will pay only once a user clicks your ad.

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PPC Works for All Types of Dental Practices

PPC is so versatile that it can work for all kinds of businesses and all types of dental practices. Dentists, orthodontists, dental hygienists, and dental offices can rely on PPC to lead their customers to their websites. Dentists can also create separate PPC ads to promote their different services.

Aside from an ad that will lead to your main page, set up a PPC ad to focus on your specialized services such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, etc. This way, you can lead your clients to specific pages of your site or direct them to special promos or deals for these services.

You can also use PPC ads to promote products you’re selling from your business site. Use PPC to highlight recent awards or new developments in your dental business, such as new equipment, a new location, or a new partner dentist.

PPC Is Easy to Set Up

PPC is great for busy dentists like you because it’s easy to set up as long as you have your parameters ready. Consider your target market, ad theme, analytics or metrics, and the kind of PPC ad campaign you wish to set up. Signing up for Google Ads is the start of every PPC campaign.

Aside from search ads, PPC is also available as display ads, shopping ads, and social ads. 

Display ads are banner ads that you find along with websites’ banners. Shopping PPC ads are on social media, videos, and the body of different sites. Meanwhile, social PPC ads are on social media platforms. Decide where you want to post your PPC ads to get maximum exposure.

Part of a successful PPC ad campaign is using the right keywords. You need to bet on keywords that effectively describe your dental business. Choose keywords that align with your ad group theme. 

Monitor keyword uses and change your keywords anytime. If a keyword does not perform well, you can change it by bidding for other related keywords.

Final Words

Dentists must rely on a practical, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient marketing strategy to boost engagement and attract more customers. With PPC, dentists can grow their businesses and provide the best care for their patients and clients without losing sight of their marketing goals. 

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