Guide For Wireless Routers

A Quick Guide For Wireless Routers Before You Buy One


WIFI routers are a device that helps in easy internet access for our gadgets like phones, computers, etc. It is very convenient because, unlike before where you also need to consider the wires for your routers and would take some time to install. But, these WIFi routers are the most accessible entry point for cybercriminals and need additional security. 


Users of these routers should keep their network secure and have some built-in firewalls to the device. If you have kids at home, you can control the allowable sites for them and even monitor their internet use. The wireless routers’ speed should be one of the essential matters that you have to check carefully.

ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Dual-Band LTE wifi Router 4G

This router is following the mobile standard of LTE Category 6. It provides you a download speed of 300Mbps, seven times faster than 3G and twice the rate on LTE Category 4. You can easily share 4k UHD videos, no matter how huge it is. Its wifi connectivity is 2.4 GHz 600Mbps and 5GHz 1900Mbps above the standard of IEEE 802.11n. That makes the best wireless router reviews.


This will guarantee you stable wifi Coverage. The wireless connectivity has been strengthened with the use of smart algorithms. It has high-grade security, especially for the danger of kids or others from unsafe websites. You can also upgrade this router by attaching antenna extension to SMA jack connectors.

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Netgear Nighthawk X6S Smart wifi Router R7900P

This router has a speed of up to 3.0 Gbps. Every device needs a fast wifi band, and this router can provide the best of it intelligently. It can provide zero lag, so it is suitable for working, gaming, live streaming, downloading, or socializing even if you are using a wireless network. And it has exclusive features such as ReadyCLOUD, Nighthawk App, and Circle with Smart Parental Control.

Amped Wireless High Power AC1750 wifi Routers RTA1750

This router has the same wifi standard speeds or unparalleled IEEE 802.11ac. It is taking advantage of Amped’s Wireless High Power technology, with 12 advanced amplifiers and three high-gain, dual-band antennas. Compared to other wireless routers, it has three times the reach. It can deliver wireless connectivity to 450Mbps 2.4GHz and 1300Mbps 5GHz simultaneously.

With the help of 4 Gigabit networking terminals, you can still have fast wired connection speeds even if it is connected to pc, smart TV, gaming console, and other devices. The dead spots of wifi and wall is not a problem with this router with its high-power amplifiers and three high-gain antennas.

Cisco 3825 Integrated Services Routers

For you to have secure data, video, voice, and wireless services delivered simultaneously through the wire, this router is the right choice. It has intelligent network services, unified communication, and layer functions. It can eliminate the buffering of videos and even the lagging of your downloads.


To make your router more secure and install in your house. First, you have to change the default network name and SSID, consisting of 32 characters. You have to change the default password because cybercriminals usually know the default password. And then activate the MAC address filtering. Activate the encryption, protect the router, and protect the devices that are covered in your network.

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