Kim Jong Un Says, Current Situation in North Korea the Worst Time Ever

Kim Jong Un Says, Current Situation in North Korea the Worst Time Ever


Kim Jong Un accepted that North Korea is facing its worst time ever, according to him. The infamous political leaders of North Korea addressed his party members who work on the grassroots level. The address was in Pyongyang at a political conference.

Kim Jong Un is going to complete a decade running the office. According to many experts, he is experiencing significant setbacks right now. Lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic in North Korea have triggered further economic instability in the country. There has been mismanagement in terms of governance, economic devastation for years in his administration. He is trying to get sanctions on the nuclear deal from the United States government.

Kim made significant comments on Thursday at the meeting of cell secretaries of workers’ part. The official news agency of North Korea, “Korean Central,” covered the event.

Economic development route for North Korea for the coming five years

He said that North Korean people must experience improvement in their standard of living. However, the situation is getting worse but overcoming those unprecedented challenges is what his administration is looking towards. The cell secretaries can play a significant role in facing such challenges as they contribute a lot at the grassroots levels.

Kim urged his party workers to implement the decisions which the Congress party took in January. He promised at that meeting that he would snatch the nuclear sanctioning irrespective of United States pressure. There was also an announcement of the development route for the next five years. Kim acknowledged in a meeting before this congress that his economic development plans have not been fruitful.

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Kim Jong Un criticizes members of his party

North Korean President criticized his party workers, too, pointing out grassroots-level shortcomings. He said that they should take care of such unwanted problems. However, he did not specify the issues. Kim wants to build a sustainable and be a healthy party in the future without issues whatsoever.

Party cells consist of five to 30 party members. These are party authority’s small units. They look after the laborers, factory works, and other grassroots lives of North Korea. This network plays an important role for the ruling party to penetrate the everyday lives of North Koreans to retain their power over them. During 2017 there was a cell secretary conference to address this.

Ambiguous diplomatic discussions leads nowhere on denuclearization process

The ambiguity in the diplomatic talks between Kim and former US President Trump did no good to Kim’s plans on nuclear sanctioning. It only went on to increase the disagreements. Kim tries hard to avoid further development from the US in the denuclearization of North Korea.

Kim Jong Un’s administration denied any further talk with the US administration led by Joe Biden now. The North Korean President added that the US must get rid of its hostile narratives first. Kim resumed the testing of the ballistic missiles. This testing has been on hold for a year. The initiative increases pressure on the US.

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