Deadline announced for opposition party of Israel to form new government

Deadline Announced for Opposition Party of Israel to Form New Government


It is about time for the opposition party of Israel to form a new government. It will result in ending 12-years of rule by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the midnight of June 3, Yair Lapid, the Yesh Atid party’s centrist, made many deals regarding this. However, the final agreement is yet to be reach Naftali Bennet, a nationalist politician of the right-wing. Based on the rotation arrangement, the following PM after Lapid would be Bennett.

Netanyahu and the Likud party is currently making appeals for not joining a coalition with the politicians of right-wing. The new government will be facing the vote of confidence, which will take place in the parliament before they swore in.

Failing to win support from the majority of 120-seat Knesset, there will be a risk for the country to conduct elections for the 5th time in two years.

Negotiations went on all night among the members of the opposition party of Israel. However, in the morning, on June 2, they said that they will make efforts to form a “government for change.”

In the parliamentary session, Bennett and Lapid were whispering to each other while selecting the country’s new president.

Isaac Herzog is the head of the Jewish Agency. He led the central-left Labour party formerly. Currently, he might be taking over the ceremonial role.

Deadline announced for opposition party of Israel to form new government

Netanyahu’s reaction towards media

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has provided a BBC journalist with an aggressive response when asked whether this week was the last for him as the country’s PM. His answer was whether it was a question or shall he consider it as a wish.

The Israeli Media has reported specific facts. The three parties-Yamina of Bennett, Raam’s party of Arab Islamist, and Netanyahu’s party of New Hope, were facing disagreements in finalizing deals. This was happening as the deadline has been approaching.

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Mansour Abbas is the leader of Raam’s party. He has been said to demand the coalition to abolish the law enforcing fines on illegal constructions. This is because the Israeli Arabs feel that the law has been disproportionately targeting them.

Disagreements among the committee of judicial appointments of Knesset came up. The conflicts were between Ayelet Saked, the deputy leader of Yamina, and Merav Michaeli, the leading man of the Labour party. Both the members have agreed upon rotating their spot, considering themselves to serve first.

Benjamin Netanyahu has tremendous determination in holding on to his position. None of his political enemies can underestimate the tenacity maintained by him. He will do his best to stop the entry of the new prime minister and the new government.

If Netanyahu finds himself to lead the opposition, all possible efforts will be made by him in destabilizing the coalition. This he would do with the help of the thin majority who have been making efforts to span the Israeli spectrum to liberal left from nationalist right.

The only thing which makes them united is their wish to remove him from the office.

Netanyahu stands against the opposition party of Israel

Netanyahu claimed that the new government is fraudulent. He said that they would be a threat to Israel, its people as well as the soldiers. However, his complaints are not going to reduce the chances of his leaving the office. His end in office has been confirmed by not only the opposition of left-wing but also from the right-wing politicians. This situation has come upon due to his ruthless and high-handed procedures, which have turned them to be his enemies.

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New ideas or initiatives should not be expected of the new government. To be in his position, Netanyahu considered planning to be his only job. His opponents have been hoping for his fall even in the Jerusalem courthouse. He is under trial due to severe corruption charges.

Agreements have already been made between Lapid and the different parties. The parties are the labor party, the Meretz party of the left-wing, the centrist Blue. Other parties are Benny Gantz, a defense minister, and Yisrael’s Party, a right-wing nationalist of Avigdor Lieberman.

There are very few motives in common among the eight parties apart from removing Netanyahu from the office. They consider him to be removed from the office as he has charges of fraudulency, breach of trust, and bribery. However, Netanyahu has denied all the costs imposed against him.

Signs of sheer political instability in Israel

Netanyahu has requested the politicians of the right-wing to avoid joining the left-wing party. He explained to them that it would be dangerous for both the country’s future and its security. Bennett has also accused him of considering the entire country and the entire national camp at his last personal stand.

The past two months and the election’s four rounds that have taken place prove that Netanyahu is not going to lead the right-wing politicians. Bennett said that it would be the 5th election or the country would have a unity government.

Netanyahu is a 71 years old man who has been allowed to rule the nation as prime minister after the Likud party won the majority seats. However, he could not use the opportunity provided to him until his requirement expired in the past month.

Lapid needs to provide a deadline till the night of June 9, or the Knesset requires three more weeks to decide on the candidate for the position of prime minister. If none of these happens, a longer period of political stalemate will continue considering another general election.

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