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7 learning games that are mighty beneficial for children in their early ages


Learning games: The topic for today’s blog may seem tricky. After all, our kids aren’t living in the same world as we did. They mature much faster, and with so much of technology around, they are never short for entertainment

The favorite entertainment option for kids is “games.” There are infinite games out there on consoles, mobile phones and on the internet. Most of them are even free to play.

But you don’t just want your child to waste their time. Do you? Face it; they’re going to spend a considerable part of their days on the phone, tablet, or laptop. Shouldn’t there be a way to make some of that duration educational for them?

This is what our discussion is about today: Games that aren’t just fun but can also teach kids a thing or two. Kids today are born with a grasping power that is way better than anything we had. So, they need ways of learning that attract them.

Learning games can serve as the purpose, and parents may use them to match their kids’ education to their mental development levels. We present to you these learning games that will be beneficial to your child’s intellect and intelligence:

1. Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

It contains various mini-games. All of them center on teaching children about how time works. As they play, they become familiar with how to tell time. They learn it via a voice-over by Stephen Fry.

The fun part: Mr. Fry is acting as Albert Einstein in the game.

2. Drawing Letters

One of the first things that are taught to kids is how to write. Drawing letters by Unlimited gamez mo make this learning more fun. Through this game, your kids will learn to trace and pronounce letters.

Also, they get the benefit of a guide that will instruct them on each of the letters. The game supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

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It is yet another super game in their already fabulous collection. You can play all of them on your mobile phone after paying a small subscription fee.

3. ABC Kids

ABC Kids, just like the games above, carries great educational value. Through it, children learn how to differentiate between the upper and lower case letter. Moreover, the game will reward them with stickers after each task completion. We assure you that your kids are going to go gaga over this one.

ABC kids

4. Intellijoy

Essentially, this isn’t a single game but the name of a developer. Their creations include many specialized kids’ games that range from simple ones to more recreational items.

They have basic learning games for kids like Kids ABC letter Kids and Kids Kindergarten Math. They also feature games like Kids Tap and Color and Kids Painting to spark the creativity of your child.

Most parents regard this app very highly and consider it a great choice for their kids. On Intellijoy, you can also evaluate the learning potential of your kids.

Additionally, we’d recommend buying all their games in a bundle instead of separately – the latter costs more. Even so, your kids can also play any of the games by using the free version.

5. codeSpark Academy

Enough of learning the letters and painting, you say. If you are looking for games that can teach your kids something other than writing and painting, this is where your search ends.

codeSpark Academy is a place where kids aged 4-9 years can learn to code. Now, you may think your kid is not old enough for that. However, kids who are in early grade school do fine with codeSpark Academy.

In other words, if your kid understands Minecraft, then they’re good for coding. Besides being the coolest coding game ever, this one also attracts kids with daily rewards.

I wish I had a game to learn to code when I was a kid.

6. LEGO Games

We all grew up playing with LEGO, didn’t we? The only difference is that we had the physical version of the game. But today, all the best LEGO games are available online.

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With LEGO games, your kids enjoy so many titles that they will never feel boredom creeping in. From comic book games to ones that are based on Star Wars, LEGO knows how to attract children.

The great thing about any LEGO game is that they are thoroughly enjoyable and easy to play for kids. The varying mechanics and no payment keep things even more interesting. Watch your child’s hand-eye coordination improve as they tackle these creations.

Besides that, LEGO provides augmented reality experiences as well. For instance, they let you buy figures that are part of the Hidden Side game.

Lego games

7. Toca Kitchen 2

It isn’t a secret that gadgets impact the mental health of our children. Therefore, to make sure that your children avail maximum learning while using gadgets, it is important to expose them to the right games. One such game is Toca Kitchen 2.

It is a game by Toca Boca. The thing about Toca Boca is that they create gender-neutral and open-ended games. That means your kids realize there is no wrong answer. When that happens, a child won’t hesitate to try out different conclusions.

In Toca Kitchen 2, the players indulge in a fun little cooking game. They decide which foods they combine and what the resulting dish will be. The outcomes are often hilarious and silly. In other words, Kitchen 2 teaches your kids about doing what they feel is right.

Not letting consequences stop them and laughing at what they end up with are two great lessons. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bottom line

While finding quality learning games can be tough, it isn’t impossible. That is why we picked these titles that teach and entertain at the same time. Our objective was to avoid any games that are greedy for in-app purchases.

Children who are between 2 to 8 years will enjoy the roundup we offer here. And parents will like how much learning they come away with. So, we say, let’s get them playing.

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