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How to Optimize Your Laptop to Improve Gaming Performance

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Playing online games is the favorite activity of the new generation folks! This has been popular for many years and the mode of play has shifted from playing games on the basic desktop to a laptop now. In the desktop, hardware can be updated to improve the gaming experience but the same strategy cannot be applied to the laptop. At the most the hard drive or the memory can be changed.

But laptops are fun to play games on them as they are portable and with some little tweaking, you can enjoy playing games.

Playing games is fun and any interruption in the same is a big turn off! Isn’t it? The mediocre playing experience is a bad one. To give you some examples: –

  • The audio quality may not be good
  • The graphics or videos may not load properly
  • Poor gameplay

 And no one wants such things to happen. So, what to do in such a case? Fortunately, in this tech-savvy world, all the tricks & hacks are available on the internet.

Let’s Find Out How to Optimize Your Laptop to Get a Seamless Gaming Experience:

  1. Drivers Should be Updated:

The graphics play a pivotal role in the gaming experience and hence to enjoy playing the games on your laptop, make sure that the graphic driver is always updated. Free driver updater can be used or the latest version of the drivers can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturing company. The key to the successful update is to carry out the steps as mentioned on the installation wizard. Also, you can put on the settings to auto-update so that there is no need to remember the same in the future. Research a bit to choose the best graphic card for your Laptop.

  1. Lesser Screen Resolution:

If the resolution of the screen is high, it can increase the number of pixels and that in turn causes a significant reduction in the FPS. If you want a flawless gaming experience, then you should lower the screen resolution. Most of the games offer this option in the menu of the video settings.

  1. Cleanliness of Laptop:

This trick actually applies to every gadget or object that we use and Laptop is no exception. When we keep them clean, it enhances their longevity? But an important point here to note is that just cleaning up the screen or dusting the keyboard is not enough. There are several other parts like graphics card, memory card, fan blades etc where you should clean the dirt off.

  1. Change in the Settings of Texture:

After all it is all about the looks, right? Have a good look at the settings of the graphic card. Once you tweak the texture and shade, it will make sure that the game runs immaculately on your laptop. Always select the performance overlooks, the texture in high resolution eats up the RAM of the laptop and hence adversely affects the visual impact. The best part is that you can customize the texture settings as per the game that you play on the laptop. It takes some time to find the best texture setting for your games but once you find the same, it will be a great experience.

  1. Speed of the Internet Connection:

Not all depends on the configuration of your laptop, how fast is the processor, the drivers, hardware, etc. A lot depends on the speed of your internet connection while you play the games on your laptop. If your wifi connection is not robust enough then you may not enjoy playing games. Make sure that the router is updated with the latest version of the drivers. Your best bet will be to run your laptop with a LAN cable or an Ethernet connection.

  1. Power Settings of Your Laptop:

The working of your laptop can tremendously be enhanced if the power settings are tweaked. A laptop is the device that is being used as a portable means when the user can enjoy sitting anywhere without being connected to power. Your best bet is to select the high-performance option in your laptop to enjoy the amazing gaming experience.

  1. In Games Settings:

A great gaming experience can be achieved by tweaking the in-game settings of your laptop. Many of the visual effects take up a lot of processing power and that affects the display. You should disable the special effects and even after the same if the difference is negligible then you can think about toning down the texture quality as well.

  1. Robust Hardware:

To enjoy the best gaming experience, your hardware should be of good quality and the most important component is the RAM (Random Access Memory). Do not compromise on the brand and the quality.

  1. Background Apps:

This sheer common sense that when you are playing a game on the laptop, you do not want to get distracted right? The entire energy of the Laptop should be directed towards the game only. But, at times some of the background apps continue to work in the background and hence make the laptop function a bit slow. It is very easy to close these background apps, for the same go to Task manager and simply select and close them.

  1. Automatic Updates:

The automatic updates are a hassle and they need to be controlled so that the laptop works at an optimum speed. These automatic updates cannot always be avoided and hence you should allow the installation of the updates only when you are being prompted.

  1. Game Mode in Windows 10:

If the game mode in Windows 10 is activated then it can enhance your gaming experience. There is an app called Xbox in Windows 10. It is well equipped with salient features like game mode, streaming, screen recorder etc. The shortcut to display the Xbox panel is Win + G, you will find the button of Game mode on the right-hand side, click the same to enable the same. Once this is done, the games should be run by the OS with optimum speed.

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So, there it is! These tips should surely help you to maximize the impact of the gaming experience on your laptop. While the best bet for the desktop users is to invest in some good hardware, the laptop users do not have that option. Hence these few tips should help you to enjoy a great gaming experience.                         


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