Pet Blankets

Pet Blankets – Wasteful or Worthwhile


When welcoming home your new pet, there’s a list of necessities that you’ll need to make that pet blankets feel welcome. Feed bowls, food, bedding, and toys are all at the top of the list of things you’ll need for any pet species. Once these things are secured, there’s a never-ending list of secondary items that you or may not need, depending on the kind of pet you have and how you intend to keep and care for it.

At some point, you’ll come to a recommendation for a blanket. Here are a few ideas on what you can do with a blanket of your pet’s very own. After seeing the different ways you may use a pet blanket for a new cat or dog, you can decide if it’s a worthwhile item to add to your pet supplies.

Use as A Scent Holder

If you’ve ever brought home a new puppy, you already know that those first few nights can be as hard as having a newborn infant. If you attempt to establish an overnight sleeping plan that does not include the new furball sleeping in the bed with you, you can expect whimpering and barking for several hours each night at bedtime.

If you are bringing home a new puppy or kitten, using a blanket to carry the scent from the mother or its last location can help settle the new fur baby into its new environment. Pet Parents want to do everything they can to help ease the stress of transition and make the new family member feel as comfortable as possible. Cats and dogs need to bond, and it’s primarily done through their sense of smell. Allow the blanket to spend a few hours with the mother to carry her scent with the baby to its new home. This will help the new pet acclimate to its new home.

It could be your scent that the animal needs to feel relaxed. If your pet needs the comfort of your proximity, you can use a pet blankets to capture your scent. Let the blanket spend some time on or near you. Then, you can place the blanket in a location where you want the pet to make a bed. This can be a great way to assist in crate training to relieve whatever stress a pet may feel about being away from you when you can’t be at home.

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Use as Bedding

Within a week of having the pet in your home you’ll discover that the pet enjoys getting cozy on dirty laundry, the blankets of your bed, or on a pile of padding. Whether or not you have a bed for your pet, you’ll find the pet will still enjoy fluffing and scratching around on a blanket until it gets to a perfect level of comfort that only your pet can determine.

For those planning to crate a cat or dog overnight or when no one is home, a blanket can be a great addition to the den-like area you want to create. Beds create a base layer of comfort. Blankets provide a way for your pet to adjust and contour the bedding as they move around and reposition.

Cover Furniture

If you’ve decided that you are okay with the pup or kitten being on the furniture, but you don’t want to risk the accumulation of fur or dirt, a blanket can make for an excellent barrier. Cats and dogs are creatures of habit. They will find one or two favorite places where they like to nap. If you can get a blanket in their favorite place, you’ll save the wear and tear on the furniture.

When the plans call for a car ride, the blanket can easily travel to cover car seats. Many pets may experience more shedding if they are stressed. An unfamiliar car ride can be stressful for some pets. In this case, the blanket will serve both to protect the upholstery and deliver a familiar item to help the pet manage stress during the ride.

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For Older Animals

At the other end of the life cycle, the cat or dog may not have the best control over its waste expression. The blanket will not only be a familiar place of comfort, but it can also serve as an added protection to catch the accidents that are more prone to happen with older animals.

Thin-Coated Pets

Some species are born with all the fur they could ask for warmth. For those breeds with thinner coats or those less able to regulate their body heat, a blanket can provide convenient warmth. The furball may even enjoy burrowing under the blanket. If you notice that your pet is shivering, and it’s not a hallmark of the breed, your fur baby may be cold.

A Source of Comfort

As with human babies, your fur baby may find that their blanket becomes their comfort item. It’s common for dogs to find a favorite thing, whether it’s a toy, a blanket, or a chew toy. Having an item available as a consistent source of stress relief will help your animal avoid using inappropriate things, like your new pair of shoes, for stress relief.

Improved Sleep

Most dogs will sleep an average of 12-15 hours each day. Cats may nap even longer or more frequently. That’s a lot of time spent napping. Pet studies suggest that the better your furry friend sleeps, the better they’ll feel and the fewer behavioral challenges you will have. A cozy place, regulated temperature, minimal stress, and familiarity all lend to an ideal nap or sleep.

As you can see, there are many advantages to procuring a high-quality, long-lasting, durable blanket that your pet can claim as their own. Visit here for information on blanket safety. There are many advantages, all leading to a better quality of life and pet happiness. While you’re at it, it may be a good idea to buy more than one. With frequent washing and use, even the best blankets may wear out over time. Your pet will thank you with purrs and tail wags.

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