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6 Tips Every Business Owner Must Refer to When Looking for an Insurance Agent


The sudden fall of the global economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an alarming chain reaction. From shutting down of businesses to the continuous increase in the number of employees who are temporarily and/or permanently losing their jobs.

Not only that, but there are also major businesses that are now facing and have already filed for bankruptcy. While the COVID-19 continues to make the corporate industry suffer from the consequences of the total and partial lockdown measures, things are getting harder for startup and small businesses who have no financial assistance. 

The current global health crisis is a wakeup call for businesses to dress their companies with rock-solid financial support like certain insurance coverage. On that note, here are the basic tips you need to take into account when hiring an insurance agent who can help you find the proper insurance for your business. 

Whether you’re planning on acquiring insurance amid the pandemic or aftermath the COVID-19, take some to browse the following factors below for you to end up with an excellent insurance agent.

1. Ask your friends or relatives for referrals, suggestions, and recommendations

One of the accustomed ways of finding the best product or services is by asking for suggestions or recommendations. This is a basic factor for you to consider most especially if you can’t decide where and how to start looking for an insurance agent.

Your friends and relatives are the first people you would want to ask for referrals or recommendations. If none of them could suggest a reliable and experienced insurance agent to you, you can opt for browsing the internet, which may provide a helpful list of referrals or suggestions. 

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2. Compare your insurance needs to his line of expertise

Identifying your insurance needs is one of the first things you would want to know before hiring an insurance agent. Are you looking for small business insurance for your startup or small firm? If so, then look for an insurance agent whose expertise is related to providing small business insurance.   

In that case, you’ll less likely have a problem discussing your insurance needs and concerns to the insurance agent you’re assessing.

3. Narrow down your list of potential insurance agents to hire

It’s understood that you’ll start with a world of choices of insurance agents to examine. But to make it easier for you, always take time reviewing their profile as well as their work credentials. 

In that way, it would be simpler for you to narrow down your list of the candidates of insurance agents to consider for hiring. Then little by little, you’ll find out the person who’s most capable to attend to your insurance needs and concerns. 

4. Don’t disregard the accessibility

Another thing you would want to keep in mind is the accessibility of the insurance agent to your place or workplace. 

Considering the accessibility is more important than you think since it would be a lot easier for both parties to schedule one-on-one meetings if your locations aren’t that far from one another. 

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5. Consider checking their resumes and work credentials

When hiring someone to take part in important and confidential matters like your insurance needs, always consider checking the resumes and work credentials too. 

Aside from their educational attainments and field of expertise, their resumes and work credentials are some of the factors that would show if they’re fit for the job. 

6. Have their work backgrounds thoroughly checked

Aside from going through the resumes and work credentials, it would also be a great help if you’d make time to have a thorough check on their work backgrounds or past work experiences. 

You may gather their former clients’ feedback or review of their work for the past years. Or you can also get the opinion of the person who referred them to you, the insurance company they’re working for, and so on. 

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