UEFA Conference League format


The UEFA Europa League Conference is a football club tournament, which was fixed up by UEFA. Clubs can apply for participation in it based on their national league. This is the 3 level after the Champions League and Europa League. Despite this fact, this tournament is still very popular among fans. One can find yesterday’s football scores and the results of the current CL games on the special statistics website.

The final name of the competition was approved by the Executive Committee in September 2019. The format of the UEFA Conference League is no different from the Champions League and Europa League. Thirty-three football clubs take part in each of these tournaments. This, in comparison with previous years, made it possible to increase the minimum number of countries (from 26 to 34). The tournament consists of several stages, namely:

  1.     Group stage (8 groups of 4 clubs).
  2.     play-off stage:
  • first round ;
  •  1/8 
  • 1/4;
  •  semifinal;
  • final.

The tournament includes 141 games that are played during fifteen weeks, on Thursdays. Teams play 288 matches only during the qualification for the group stage. In this case, yesterday’s football score, results of current matches, the number of goals scored and other statistics are taken into account on the day of points tally. The UEFA European Conference League final is played on Wednesday one week later, alongside the finals of other European club competitions: Europa League final on Thursday, Champions League on Saturday. 

How do football clubs distribute money?

Just like in the case of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, prize money received by football clubs is divided into fixed payments based on participation and performance and variable amounts based on the value of their TV market. In the 2021–2022 season, a base fee of €2,940,000 is provided for participation in the group stage of the Europa Conference League. €500,000 are paid for the victory, and €166,000 are paid for a draw at the group stage.

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 In addition, each group winner will receive €650,000, and each runner-up will receive €325,000. Advancing to the playoffs gives additional bonuses: €300,000 for advancing to 1/32 stage, €600,000 – for 1/16, €1,000,000 – for quarterfinal participants and €2,000,000 – for semifinalists. Final runners-up receive €3,000,000 and champions – €5,000,000. Follow all the news anytime and anywhere in the field of any sports discipline on a special website.

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