Depression After a Breakup: No Desire to Get out of Bed


Heartache is a painful feeling. At times, it brings much more suffering than physical pain.

People often perceive mental suffering as a bliss, promiscuity, indulgence weakness. Meanwhile, the pain of separation is so strong that it can not only seriously damage the human psyche but also lead to serious somatic diseases and even death – heart attacks and strokes are a frequent consequence of long and acute mental distress. You can use Online Cricket Betting ID for recreation also.

Heartache Is Our Ally, Not Our Enemy

To avoid mental pain people try as if to overcome it – not to think about it, urgently enter a new relationship to forget about the old, to forget with the help of alcohol, gambling at the PlayAmo casino, or binge watching Netflix. All of this won’t help the case because it’s simply impossible.

Of course, you can fool yourself for a while and concretize your condition, but sooner or later this time bomb will explode and blow your soul to pieces. It may arise in response to some stressful situation, or even just in a moment of fatigue, when emotions are less controlled.

Unfortunately, the only thing you can and should do with heartache is to live it. It cannot be bypassed, jumped over, or flown over – you have to go through it.

In fact, heartache is our ally. It is the body’s defensive reaction to the difficult situation that has arisen for the psyche. So you have to accept it and understand that pain is an indicator of your state, it can protect you from even greater mental losses, not allowing you to exist in the situation that has led you to your current situation. As with any pain, its manifestation should be limited in time – if acute mental pain doesn’t go away for months, this again is a signal that you are going the wrong way, and something needs to change.

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The permissible period of manifestation of acute mental pain during a breakup is about a month. After this period, the pain usually doesn’t disappear, but dulled, as a person gradually gets used to the new circumstances and begins to come to terms with the loss. If a month later the pain is still acute, it’s a cause for concern – in all likelihood, you distorted the situation, and if you don’t take immediate action, then soon the mental pain can be transformed into apathy. Apathy is a difficult psychological state from which it’s usually difficult to come out on your own, and even if you manage to do so, it’s expensive and takes a long time (sometimes years or decades). But your life doesn’t stand still – you shouldn’t waste it on heavy worries.

Why It Comes Back

It happens that a person feels as if he has already gone through an acute period of pain, it has dulled, the person has calmed down and is trying to live a new life, but suddenly the pain comes back again. This can be repeated many times in fits and starts. The person sinks back into a heavy state and ceases to believe that he can ever be happy again.

Remember that the cyclical nature of pain is okay. This is how our psyche protects itself, alleviating a difficult stressful situation with periods of calm. No organism is capable of enduring acute mental pain for a long time – in a state of permanent stress, organs start working in a different mode, at different speeds and wear out quickly. So the body as a whole, and the psyche in particular, will strive to keep you safe. If the pain returns from time to time, it means that the situation is not yet lived through, but the organism and the psyche have already started working, which means that the healing process is going on.

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To alleviate pain at such moments, you must accustom yourself to speaking in detail about the situations that led to its emergence. People close to you, whom you trust, can be of great help in this period, just listening to you time after time. The more times you tell your story, the faster the pain will go away. And remember, there isn’t a single person who has gone through a breakup without experiencing heartache, so what’s happening to you is perfectly normal. And you don’t have to be ashamed of it.

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