How To Catch A Cheater On WhatsApp Using TOS Spy App

How to Catch a Cheater on WhatsApp Using TOS Spy App

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TheOneSpy aka TOS is a cell phone monitoring app that is intended for married individuals, parents and business persons. It enables the end-user to keep track of the mobile phone devices of their concerned individuals and groups. The app comes with scores of features letting the user to remotely witness almost all activities performed on the targeted mobile phone. The high-tech surveillance app also allows supervising the use of instant messaging apps including WhatsApp messenger. The WhatsApp spy app  enables the end-user to watch out instant messages of their partners and concerned ones. Read on to know how you can make use of the app to catch a cheating partner.

WhatsApp Messenger

Instant messaging apps have overwhelmed default messaging applications. The popularity of the instant messengers is credited to their features and user-friendliness. The communication apps enable the user to exchange text, photos, audios, videos and data in different formats. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging apps offering a wide range of features for communication. The user of WhatsApp messenger can exchange voice messages, text messages, photos, videos, stickers, contacts, GPS location, and documents. Moreover, they can make video calls and audio calls to individuals and multiple contacts simultaneously. 

The app only requires a valid mobile phone number to activate the WhatsApp account. This phone number is the identity of the user and can be used by others to find them on WhatsApp. The instant messenger does not ask for any personal information except name and photo; that too is optional. The user anonymity enables scoundrels to cheat and con the target through the instant messaging app. The communication app is absolutely free and provides services without charging a single penny. However, the user must have a reliable internet connection to use the app. 

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TOS Spy App

The cell phone spy app enables the end-user to keep track of a smartphone device without having physical access. The app is being used by persons across the world to keep an eye on the digital activities of their loved ones. It lets them know what their concerned persons do on mobile phones. The app also allows keeping an eye on instant messages and online chats of married partners.

How Surveillance App Works

The objective of a cell phone surveillance app is to keep you updated about online and offline cell phone activities of your loved ones. You can track the cell phone of your spouse and children to keep tabs on their digital behavior. Once you install the app on the cell phone of your concerned one, you can monitor that phone without having physical access. The app creates a secret online backup of information saved on the targeted phone. It includes messages, contacts, media files, browsing details and more. The end-user of the surveillance app can access the backup from any mobile phone or computer device.  

How to Catch a Cheating Partner with Spy App

The spy on the WhatsApp app lets you know if your loved one cheats on you. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp enable the user to communicate with people across the globe. They can have multiple romantic relations at the same time. The tracker app lets you know if your spouse flirts with another person. It lets you read romantic messages exchanged by your partner with his/her new love affair. 

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Read Messages

All the cozy chats made by your cheating partner can be read without checking out his/her phone. The tracker app syncs incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages of your partner to let you know what he/she discusses privately. You can also find out the sender and receiver of the messages.

Listen to Voice Messages

The voice messages exchanged through WhatsApp can be monitored with the tracker app. You can get a message log to figure out inward and outward voice messages.

Monitor Calls

The voice and video calls made and received via WhatsApp can be tracked with the help of the monitoring app. You can find out if your partner receives calls from unidentified contacts at odd times.

Watch Media

The monitoring app lets you see if your cheating partner exchanges objectionable photos and videos with his/her new crush.

Screen Recorder

All the WhatsApp activities performed by your spouse can be monitored and captured with screen recording feature of the app. It helps to get evidence of infidelity. 

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