What time did prPrince Philip Died: Queen Elizabeth’s Husband Passes Away At 99ince philip died

Prince Philip Died: Queen Elizabeth’s Husband Passes Away At 99


A statement issued by Buckingham Palace announces that Prince Philip died. The statement also reveals that the senior member of the Royal family breathed his last at Windsor Castle. He was 99 years old when his death, and the Queen is in profound sorrow.

Prince Philip was the Duke of Edinburgh and was also the royal consort to be serving the Queen for the most extended period in English history. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent over six decades together beside each other through thick and thin. According to Boris Johnson, Prince Philip died, leaving behind several young men who still find him their inspiration.

Soon after the unfortunate incident, the Royal Palace issues a statement on behalf of the Queen stating that she announces the death of her beloved husband with deep mourning. Many people gathered at the Palace to mourn the loss of Prince Philip and stand by the mourning family.

Prince Philip died, leaving behind hundreds of people mourning for him

The Prince of Wales went from his Gloucestershire home to the Windsor Castle on that very day to meet the Queen. During a Downing Street public conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentions that the Duke was an incredibly lovable person and had garnered so much affection from all across Commonwealth, the entire UK, and worldwide.

On the other hand, the Canterbury Archbishop, Justin Welby, also mourns the death o9f Prince Philip. He recalls the Duke’s selfless personality and how he always prioritized everyone else’s needs before his own. During his lifetime, the Archbishop says, Prince Philip had become the face of Christian service.

As part of a tribute to Prince Philip, the tenor bell of the Westminster Abbey rang once at an interval of every one minute starting from  18:00 BST. The bell rang 99 times to honor each year of Prince Philip’s life.

Before that, the Buckingham Palace’s flag went down to the half-mast mourning position. Moreover, the notice announcing that Prince Philip died was already on the gates of the Royal Palace.

The fear of COVID could not stop ardent followers from paying tribute to their Duke

Many people came to the palace gates with flowers to pay respect to the dead Duke. Besides, a lot of people were also crowding the inside area of Windsor Castle. However, the British government insisted constantly that people should not gather in the palace campus or pay floral tributes considering the COVID situation.

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The Royal Family is also acting thoughtfully by telling everyone to make a small contribution towards charity as a sign of respect towards the Duke of Edinburgh. Besides, the Palace officials have also launched an online condolences book for the public. Therefore, anyone can now write messages in memory of the dead Prince instead of being physically present at the castle gates.

The condolences book is now available on the official website of Buckingham Palace. On the other hand, the official page of Archwell features a message in the memory of Prince Philip. It is a short Thank You note in memory of the Duke stating that everyone will miss him greatly. Archwell is the official page of the non-profit organization under the administration of the Duchess and Duke of Sussex.

Events being broadcasted for the public to restrict gatherings

There was also a 41-gun salute as a symbol of honor for Prince Philip. This took place in several cities, including Edinburgh, London, Belfast, and Cardiff. Moreover, the Royal Navy Warships at the Port of Gibraltar especially requested the Defense Ministry to ensure that the whole event was broadcasted for the entire world to watch online or on TV. This is another initiative to restrict the crowding of people near or outside the royal premises.

Royal Correspondent of BBC, Nicholas Witchell, says that the death of Prince Philip was an unfortunate event for everyone, especially the Queen. She lost her husband of 73 years, which is a period that will stand as an example of togetherness forever. Witchell mentions that the Prince’s role in the prosperous reign of Queen Elizabeth is inevitable.

The togetherness of the royal couple is a historical example of love and loyalty

His marriage with Elizabeth took place in 1947, five years before she has crowned the Queen of England. It was his nature, loyalty, and faith in his wife that became the Queen’s support. Besides, his loyalty and respect towards the throne was a big reason why he knew the importance of the Queen’s role.

The solidity of their marriage is what helped them understand each other for so many years and make the Queen’s reign a success. BBC news reporter Mary Jackson shows a picture of the bank of camerapersons and photographers covering the most important news of England on that very day.

They were also a large part of the crowd that was already gathering outside Buckingham Palace. Moreover, Pimlico’s Neha Varma went overriding her bike just to lay a bouquet along with a message reading “Rest in peace Duke” on the palace gates. Varma later mentions that the news was hard-hitting because he was the stability symbol for so many people.

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He was almost part of the English Heritage that is now difficult to comprehend. She mentions that Prince Philip was like a rock that symbolized integrity. It was in March this year that prince Philip was showing signs of recovery.

The last days of Prince Philip and his recovery from illness

He left King Edward VII’s hospital in London after staying there for over a month. The palace officials took him to the St. Bartholomew’s London hospital, where he also underwent surgery to recover from an underlying heart problem. After his admission to the St. Bartholomew’s hospital on February 16, he started recovering and was later shifted to King Edward VII’s hospital.

On the day when Prince Philip died, the ambiance of Windsor was tranquil and gloomy. Windsor is a place that is witness to several sad and happy events of the royal family for over so many years, and today was one of those days when the mood was very somber around. While the flag at the Buckingham Palace was at half-mast, the one at Windsor was not.

It is an official rule that the Windsor Castle flag cannot go at half-mast when the Queen is at the residence. The royal funeral took place at St. George Chapel. However, the College of Arms issues a statement that not many people will attend the funeral.

Prince Philip Died: Queen Elizabeth’s Husband Passes Away At 99

The royal funeral will maintain all social safety guidelines

In consultation with the Royal family, the officials are maintaining all the safety protocols considering the COVID situation. Therefore, masks were mandatory, and so was social distancing. Besides, this was a very different type of funeral compared to the other royal ones.

In this case, the Duke was laid to rest already at the Windsor Castle even before the official funeral. It was all according to the wishes of the dead Duke. Together Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were parents to four children. From them, they got eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Early like of Prince Philip

Prince Charles was the firstborn of the royal couple, and his birth was in 1948. Two years later, the Queen gave birth to their first daughter, Princess Royal, Princess Anne. Then, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, was born in 1960, and Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, was born in 1964. Prince Philip was born on June 10, 1921, on Corfu Island in Greece.

He was the son of Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece, and the grandson of the Hellenes’ King, his royal highness, King George I. Prince Philip’s mother was Queen Victoria’s granddaughter and the daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg.

Along with everyone else, the Parliament and all political parties will also pay tribute to Prince Philip by postponing their election campaigns during the first week of May. The leaders of other countries, including Canada and Australia, have also expressed their condolences. Moreover, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also mentioned that Prince Philip was a man of incredible conviction and purpose. His legacy will remain alive through his family and his worthy charitable endeavors.

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