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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips For Startups to Get Started in 2021

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If you’re a start-up, you might be going through a couple of different things at the same time. Too many goals, deadlines, and things to accomplish. But amidst all this, one thing your focus should definitely be on is your marketing game. Let’s see the top 5 digital marketing tips for startups to get started in 2021.

Today, it is important to market your brand right from the beginning. Because the number of competitors is increasing and to stand out from the competition, marketing is what helps. 

Marketing is a vast field with various different approaches. Which one’s the best for you? It depends on your target market and most importantly your budget constraints. 

So keeping in mind these 2 main factors, one very famous marketing approach that fits almost all kinds of businesses, especially startups in Digital Marketing. Here’s why digital marketing is undeniably the best option for startups. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Start-ups? 

Digital marketing has picked up in the last few years tremendously because of the continuous advent of digital marketing trends in the industry which has over and over helped businesses make their marketing game better. 

Even when covid-19 struck, Digital Marketing helped companies survive rock-bottom and re-establish themselves. Not only that, it helped them grow their reach 3x more than earlier. 

How? It’s simple. Digital marketing lets you reach very specific audiences via the Internet. Takeaway here is that this costs less than the traditional methods and since most of the people are present on the Internet today, that’s where you need to be present too. 

Being a startup, you may be on a time-crunch with a limit on your funds and workforce. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on digital marketing. Thus, we’ve tried compiling a few digital marketing tips from experience that may help you get started. 

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips Every Start-up Should Know 

1. Begin with SEO practices 

SEO may sound too techy and complicated to begin with, but trust me this is one of the most effective and inexpensive digital marketing strategies that you should not miss out on. There are multiple benefits to it. 

SEO is optimising your website and all the content on it like product pages, blogs, etc in an organic way to rank in the top of search engine results. 

SEO is a long-term strategy which takes time to show results and hence you need to start using SEO practices right from the beginning. You must be patient with SEO and never stop making efforts. There’s no need for any investment monetary-wise. If you read about the benefits it offers, you will certainly realise that you need to learn SEO asap. 

2. Invest in Google Display advertising 

Advertising may burn a hole in your pockets in the beginning but to not advertise in such a highly competitive market is not a choice. Thus, a smart way to advertise which may get you considerable awareness and results at a budget-friendly number is going for Google Display Ads. 

What are they? Google display ads are when you run your advertisements on third-party websites who have partnered with Google. This way, you can display your ads to your potential audience while they are surfing through a website of their choice. 

This is really helpful to create awareness of your brand and it’s one of the cheapest ways to advertise when compared to social media ads and google search ads. 

3. Use Google Analytics & Google Search Console 

A mistake many startups end up making is not tracking their performance or campaign results. Measuring performance and tracking it every step of the way is significant for you to understand what works for you and what backfires. 

This is essential so that you don’t invest your money in blindspots. The best tracking tools? Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

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The all-in-one tool out of the two is hands down Google Analytics. GA lets you track organic + paid traffic to your website, where they come from, their activity on the website, actions taken, etc. All this data helps you understand user behavior and allows you to optimise it better. 

GA is a free tool. So all you need to invest in is a Google Analytics course because the dashboard can get a little tricky for beginners. 

4. Pay attention to Social Media Marketing

You must have surely planned out your social media handles, strategies, content ideas and a lot more. We’re all aware of how social media is a very important platform today. Audiences of all different age groups have made their way to Instagram & Facebook. 

This tip is just a reminder that if you’re already on social media marketing, you’re on the right track. And if you haven’t already, then this is your cue to begin. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. So it is recommended that you hear what experts have to say and learn social media marketing from them. 

5. Don’t skip out on Email Marketing Campaigns 

Emails have to be one of the oldest yet most appropriate ways of conducting promotional and formal communication with users. With email apps making their way to everyone’s phones, we all check our mails as frequently as WhatsApp. 

Thus, email marketing is a must-use. And especially for startups. Why? Because it enables you to sound formal, helps you automate your messages, manage huge email marketing lists and all this at almost no or very little cost. 

Try MailChimp which is a very good digital marketing tool offering 10,000 free emails per month! 

To Summarise

The above digital marketing tips are just a few opportunities that you can get your hands on to get started. But you must note that digital marketing as a whole offers abundant tricks and techniques which will help you grow your business without spending a lot of money. 

So if you want to upscale your business and multiply your ROI each year, all you have to do is invest your 3 months in this Online Digital Marketing Training and you will see why it’s worth it.

We hope this blog has made your hectic day at work a tad bit easier and given you insights on how to market your business better! 


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